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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Type 1 diabetics may be able to live without insulin, preliminary study finds

ABC World News (4/10, story 7, 2:35, Gibson) reported, "We're going to take 'A Closer Look' tonight at what may be a promising, new way of treating juvenile diabetes. It is very preliminary. And there is risk involved for the young patient. But it might one day free diabetes patients from insulin shots or, indeed, any medicines." ABC (McKenzie) added, "Type 1 diabetes occurs when the immune system, instead of protecting the body, starts attacking the body, specifically, those vital insulin-producing cells. So, researchers set out to change that. First, they removed stem cells from the patient's own blood. Then, using chemotherapy for five days, they actually destroyed the existing immune system. Finally, they put back those stem cells, which quickly grow into a new, healthy immune system.

After reading several articles. this one (BBC) seemed to explin what was going on the est

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