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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Rasterbator: Create Enormous, Flawless, Wall-sized Posters

Ever wanted to create a life-sized mural of yourself for your room or house? I did and I eventually discovered a nifty freeware program called The Rasterbator. Yes, I know it sounds like masterbator so get it out of your little donut-filled head.

Anyhow, its beauty is in its name as it creates rasterized images of pictures that would normally be pixelated if enlarged beyond an 8.5 x 11 piece of paper. What it does is is convert the picture into different colored and different sized dots so that it appears like the picture from far away. Once you get closer you just see beautiful little dots (and no pixelation).

The program converts the image and then breaks the image into pieces so that they fit on a normal piece of paper. It automates the process by printing them off in an organized fashion so that when it comes to putting it on your wall it is quite easy. It even has a feature that allows how to overlap the sheets.

The website has impressive user pictures of what they did with the software. You can get The Rasterbator here.

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