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Sunday, February 14, 2010

How to use Carelink USB with Windows 7

Alright all you diabetics out there, after a little bit of research and fiddling around there is now a way to get Carelink to work with Windows 7 (and Vista). Carelink allows diabetics who use certain types of pumps (e.g. Paradigm pump) and glucose sensing devices (e.g. MiniLink and UltraLink) to transfer data to the internet for viewing on their computer. The gist of this work around is that Carelink uses older software that requires you to disable/uninstall the newer software (Java) that comes default with Windows 7 so that you can install an older version. Afterward, you can reinstate the newer software for normal use. And the disclaimer... please use this at your own risk as you are responsible for any changes you make to your computer. This is no guarantee that Carelink will work. Here are the steps (with pictures!):
  1. Uninstall Java, as the Carelink website requires an older version. You can do this through Control Panel. This may be listed as "Java" or "J2SE" (see picture below). You may also have more than one version installed. If this is the case, uninstall both.
  2. Open Internet Explorer in Administrator mode. This is usually done by holding Shift and right-clicking on the Internet Explorer icon. Select Run as Administrator. You may need an administrator password to proceed.
  3. Access the Carelink website. You will receive an error regarding unsupported software. Ignore this and click Continue to proceed.
  4. Sign in or register to Carelink.
  5. Click on the Upload Tab.
  6. Proceed through the device setup wizard.
  7. Windows may indicate a driver installation failure in the background. Do not use the Windows hardware troubleshooter.
  8. After a few seconds the wizard should allow you to proceed. If it fails to detect the device, unplug the device and then plug it back into a different port. Click Retry.
  9. Proceed with data upload.
  10. After completing the above steps, future uploads are possible without running Internet Explorer in Administrative mode. You may also install the latest version of Java while leaving the older version for Carelink to utilize.


Anonymous said...

Such is a life. There's nothing to be done.

Anonymous said...

I just called mimimed tech support after this fix didn't work on my Windows 7 64bit system. They said it was a driver problem and changing the Java software would not help. There is no established delivery date on a 64bit driver and I was told to look for another computer for my uploading needs...

Anonymous said...

That response from Minimed tech support is not acceptable. Windows 7 has been out for awhile, why aren't they being supportive of their customers? If you haven't looked lately, the cost of the insulin pump and supplies is a MAJOR expense, Minimed's slow response is inexcusable. I suggest as many people as possible contact Minimed to get their folks in gear to support the PAYING CUSTOMERS!

Ole Peter Skibsted Svendsen said...

Brothers & sisters in USA and other places
I have been informed that the software (Carelink + Windows 7) will be released in the autumn, 2010.
MiniMed, the danish department, offered to help right now - there are other solutions.
Ole Peter, Copenhagen

Anonymous said...

The instructions I received with my Carelink USB were non-existent/wrong. If your installation goes wrong, for example you plug in the USB too soon, you will end up with a half-baked installation. To rectify this, delete (by brute force) the Medtronics folder which is in C:\Users\"Your username"\ in Vista or 7 or C:\Documents and settings\"Your username"\ in XP and start again. Don't plug in the USB key until prompted to.

Mark said...

Thanks a ton!!! This, when followed as outlined, worked for me and I am now using my Caelink with Windows 7. YIIPPPEEEEE

Greg said...

CareLink now supports 64 bit versions of Windows 7 and Vista

Ole Peter Skibsted Svendsen said...

Today I installed the software to carelink + windows 7. I hope you will succed too.
Ole Peter/Copenhagen

Mark said...

You have no idea how many, almost hundreds, of hours I have hit my head against a wall due to the Carelink not working on my "new" Vista machine.

No questions that this works!

Thanks so much

geoul oh said...

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